You will enjoy seeing your dream home come to life throughout the building process. From our first meeting to discuss your new build until the day you walk into your finished home, we keep you informed about the process of the build and our progress every step of the way.

The Building Process

• First Contact: Client contacts Hart Homes to enquire about building a new home and to make an appointment

• Face to Face Meeting: Budget, plan selection, discuss requirements, finishes and time frame

• Meet on Site: Placement of plan on block, discuss excavation, retaining walls, soil tests

• Draft Sketch: Rough sketch plan showing room sizes, layout

• Quotation: Priced on agreed plan, detailed quotation with a summary of PC (prime cost) items

• Acceptance of Quotation: Clients sign off on the Quotation and make a 10% deposit payment (depending on the size of the home)

• Building Contracts: HIA Contracts are prepared which are signed by both parties. Hart Homes works with the client to complete and provide any necessary paperwork for Bank or lending authority

• Council Plans & Engineers Details: Hart Homes submits all necessary paperwork for Council approval. This time frame can vary and you will be advised once approval has been granted and then the building process can commence.

• Selection List: Before the job can commence each client completes a detailed Hart Homes Selection List. Items such as bricks, window colour, roof colour, tiles selection paint colours and pc items need to be decided upon before work can commence

• Excavation & Slab: Work commences on excavation of the block in preparation for the slab to be laid

• Slab: Planning of gas, electrical, phone & water services at designated points. Slab poured.

• Frame, Roof, Windows: The frame of the house is erected, followed by the installation of the roof and windows.

• Bricks, Eaves & Internal Linings: Brickwork is completed, eaves and gyprock installed. The build is now at lock up stage

• Kitchen & Fixout: Kitchen/Laundry cabinets installed, architraves, doors and skirting fitted.

• Tile & Paint: All tiling to walls and floors completed, internal and external painting

• Final: Installation of taps, dishwashers, toilets. Completion of electrical works, fitting of doors and locks etc. are completed. All external works are finalised and any works included in the contract such as landscaping, swimming pools or retaining walls will be co-ordinated by subcontractors at an appropriate time

• Hand over: Your new home is ready! This process can take anywhere between 4-6 months from Council approval, depending on factors such as house size, weather conditions and availability of materials.